BallPoint Pens for Doctor Nurse Friends or Student

 Stethoscope Pen

We can identify Doctors in first look by a stethoscope on their shoulders, so stethoscope is a first item which Doctors have. After examine the patient Doctor writes prescription. There is a special pen for them; it’s a perfect gift for nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. Use this pen to write prescription, notes, check off lists, and sign forms. It Stethoscope Pen looks great in Doctors office or pocket.

 Syringe Shot Design Pens

Here are the different colours syringe shaped design pens. Syringe pen is ideal for medical costumes, nurse’s costumers, and gifts for doctors, nurses, vets or any other medical professional. The entire pen comes with different colours of liquid inside but all the pens write with black ink. The feature lifelike syringe shaped pens appearance design to make them more attractive and very cool.

 Bone Design BallPoint Pens

You can also try these bone shape ballpoint pens, it’s made by plastic. These Femurs Finger Spine Tibia Fibula shape bone pens each contains black ink. It’s a totally unique gift for orthopod, nurses, midwives, doctors, radiographers, phlebotomists, vets, surgeons, physiotherapists, etc.

 Smiling Face Pill Shape Ballpoint Pen

All the pens are blue ink. They rattle just like a case of pills and compact in size so they can easily fit into small spaces of your purse. These pens are different in colours like pills and every pill has smiling face emoji. It’s a cool and cute gift.

All above design shape pens are beautiful. You can gift this to your medical friends, medical teachers. These pens are not only a sweet novelty gift, but the pens write quite well. They are a great conversation starter and a totally unique gift. Everyone will definitely like these. 

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