Baby Finger Protector

These Non-Slip Baby Safety Door Guards are the perfect accessory for parents who worry about their little one's fingers getting closed inside the door. They can be placed low or high up on the inside of the door so that a door cannot be completely closed. It is a safe way to leave doors ajar so that parents can easily hear or take a peek of their children while they are playing in their room. Avoid fully closed doors which may hurt babies' fingers, and when we close or open the door they softly hit the door frame and wall without making a sound. They also keep children from being able to lock themselves in a room. They are made of soft, flexible foam and painted in different designs. Inside the U shape is a flexible, rubber like piece that grips the door so that it doesn't slip but is easily moved, or taken off or put on the door. You can fit them anywhere on the door and the shape allows you to store them on the handle of the door when not in use. Cartoon design gives your child much fun. Great for pet owners it is simply not just for child proofing as pet owners have been popping on this convenient accessory to let their cats and tiny dogs easily roam the house to and fro. The Non-Toxic and lightweight material is very safe to use. Versatile suitable for 1~1.6'' inches (3~5cm) doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, etc. Soft, flexible material easily attaches to most doors and won't damage doors or frames.

You can also use it to leave little gap in the door for cross ventilation. We recommend that you use two pcs on one door for better support and avoid breakage of the item due to heavily slamming doors. Try some other baby safety accessories. Nice gift for your family and friends.

                                             ` 399.00