Orange Peeler

 Orange PeelerLove oranges but hate getting orange peels under your fingernails? Quickly slice through the peels of citrus fruits and separate the fruit from the rind. This little gadget makes peeling oranges easy. Hold this unique peeler in place with one finger as you slide it across the surface of any citrus fruit. It will cut just deep enough to loosen the peel, but won't damage the fruit inside. Perfectly peel oranges, grapefruits, and other citrus for decorating a table. Helps you easily and quickly remove citrus peels Easy to use with lightweight Ideal assistant for peeling oranges. As a nail biter, this is a life saver simple, fast, smooth. Now you can eat healthier every day by eliminating the pain of peeling. 

     ` 199.00

Sending it as ideal gifts or keeping as lovely collection. I believe all of you will love it. It just be wonderful and have good collectible value. Not much to lose on this purchase. Definitely it’s a useful household tool. Highly recommend.