Rajasthani Handmade Cotton Umbrella Parasol

Indian Rajasthani  Embroidery Work Design Handmade Cotton Parasol Umbrella aloof look
Summer session is coming and you need some accessory in this session, Umbrella is one of them. When you think about umbrellas, you usually think of drab, solid black items that are only good for keeping you in the shade and dry in rain. But, this vibrant, eye-catching embroidered parasol/umbrella is something that will certainly stand out in a crowd. This traditional Indian beautiful creative umbrella is made using cotton fabric and handcrafted by village artisan in Rajasthan. This umbrella is specially made for children and women to avoid sunlight. This colourful women's accessory represent Indian colourful and shiny culture. This cotton umbrella is use to avoid sunlight but you can’t use it in rain. This is also useful for children in summer, when they are going to school. These handicraft umbrellas are designed in various multi colour combination and are offered in a multitude of motifs, patterns.

You can check other umbrella by Lalhaveli Best accessory for girls and kids in summer to keeping them in the shade and this gives a stylish and unique look.

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