Toy Car Head Shaver

 You know that a freshly shaved head is the best Hairstyle on earth and for looking smart with this you need to daily shave your head. If you don’t have perfect razor then you not get proper shave. So now you need a perfect and easy to use razor. Try this amazing stylish razor; this kit will get you set up proper. The Atx Kit is the perfect gift for any Headshaver, and the perfect introduction to the head blade shaving system. This little gadget gave you the best head shave you have ever had. 

This is very smooth and thorough, and no worries about proper blade angle to get the best shave. It is super quick and easy to use and glides along smoothly so you don't worry about cutting yourself. This is also super easy to use while shaving in the shower and you feel like it speeds up the whole process. Place your fingers into the molded notches and "drive" the HeadBlade ATX across your head - fast, efficient, close, very easy to use and just better than a traditional stick razor, so now no need of an electric razor. The Headblade gave a much closer 100% shave and not had any little "Mohawks" left over. Great razor and this one just looks cool, like a stealth race car. You definitely love this product. It makes shaving your head a breeze. It is so much better than regular disposable razors. We recommend to anyone who is looking for a product like this and who shaves their head regularly.