Time Bomb Alarm Clock

Everyone have dream to become a special agent like James bond and want a diehard mission. Now for the lover of adventure present a Time Bomb. You can play game like defuse the bomb. It’s an alarm clock, set your alarm and switch it off or defuse the bomb by unplugging one of the correct wire from 4 wires within the 10 second countdown. Great and unique for pranks too but do be careful not do more out of limit, its look like realistic. These things are actually illegal to own outside of our home. You can be booked with so many cases if you are caught with this outside or someone spots this. So be careful. But the working and the features is just awesome.

This alarm clock has 4 digital led clock display (in 24 hr format) and a rechargeable battery inside. You can recharge it by using USB power cable. It’s made by plastic and paper.