Best Screen Magnifying Enlarger for any Mobile

Now a day’s use of Smartphone increases, people want all the things in this. Mostly people use mobile to watch video or movie and when they are out home miss the TV. Many of them have small screen Smartphone and wish to get the big screen so they can enjoy the movie, video and picture in a better way. Now for all of you present a Universal mobile phone screen magnifier and 3D enlarge stand, which can magnify your phone screen up to 3X and also reduce your eyes weariness during watching videos and movie on your smart phone. It gives relax to your eyes and you can enjoy TV in your phone. 

This Screen Magnifying Enlarger is suitable for all mobile phone which have screen size of 7.88 inches or less. Do not use hard cloth to wipe, it will scratch the lens, please use a soft cloth to protect the lens. You can adjust the distance and angle from mobile phone to the lens, in order to achieve the best view. It’s light weight and portable, so you can carry it anywhere or when travelling. It not requires any battery or Power supply. Use it in dark light or room and get better display.

     ` 127.00